Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend with Halle: Charleston...Part 1

A friend loves at all times…Proverbs 17:17a

What a great reminder from God’s word on how friends are supposed to act. I am more than thankful for my best friend, Halle (or “Howie” as “J” affectionately refers to her), who has always demonstrated this kind of love towards me. I may not be easy to love, but somehow she has managed to still want to hang around me. I think of her more as a sister, than my friend, and love her family like they were my own. We have seen each other through thick and thin, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything! We met in Kindergarten at Christian school and have been best friends ever since. Twenty two years of friendship with Halle has been a fantastic blessing!

I know that Halle must love me, because she has a tremendous fear of flying, but was still willing to get on a plane and come to South Carolina to see me. We were able to take a weekend and hang out before I move 4500 miles away, to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I figured it would be much easier to get her on a plane to SC than Hawaii, so we gave it a shot.  Halle and I were able to visit both Charleston and Savannah, which are gorgeous, little towns! And since I am always with my camera in hand, I was able to get some great photos!

Ernest, Halle's friend, was able to travel with us and get in on some of the photos.  He really is a spectacular guy and is looking for that special lady in his life, so if you know of anyone...

I have attached links for all of the great places that we were able to see.  I love you, Howie! You are the best and I hope you all enjoy…

Blue Bicycle Books is a great, used and rare book store.  The girls here were very helpful!

Cupcake is my new favorite place to get sweets!  My Aunt Deanna has been telling me about it for awhile, so when we moved here I was so excited to finally try it (they have 3 stores: Columbia, Mt. Pleasant, and Charleston).  They change their flavors daily and are trying to make it on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.  If they do, I hope they make their French Toast Cupcake...It is the most divine cupcake I have ever eaten!  And they were so sweet to let Ernest have a cupcake too.

And Robot Candy Company was the cutest, candy shop I have seen in a long time!  They have a ton of old fashioned candy and you can purchase by the pound.  They also carry a local chocolate from Sweeteeth!  It is a fun place to take kids, though don't expect to walk out empty handed.  The awesome ladies at this shop did not want their photo taken, but wanted everyone to know that Ernest had stopped by to see them...

And "J" was happy to stop and play for a bit with Ernest at the Riverfront Park.  I am sure Ernest was less than pleased, since "J" tried to steal his shoes and eat his foot. I wish we had known that they had sprinklers for everyone to run through...That would have been an awesome photo op...

More to come with some photos from Savannah!

Much Love,


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