Monday, January 3, 2011

Check out the waves...

Okay, please forgive me for being so behind on posts.  I have no excuses to offer, except extreme laziness. 

We just wanted to post a couple of videos from North Shore, our favorite place on the island.  Apparently, it was everyone else's favorite place yesterday too.  It seemed like everyone was out to watch the more than 30 foot waves that took over the beach.  It was absolutely gorgeous and I know no video could actually do it justice.  What a sight!  I think J would have jumped in if we would have let him!

We love it here.  It is nice to know we are in the Lord's will and that we finally have a place to call home...for 3 years anyway!  More videos and blogging to come soon.

Love all of you!

...Okay, so apparently, at least for now, I am kidding about posting the video.  But you can still go check them out on my facebook page HERE.

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