Monday, July 12, 2010

I love my niece!

I have been blessed with some FANTASTIC Aunts!  I love each of them so much, and am thankful for their very different personalities...each one has been with me through some difficult circumstances, and the Lord really used them to help see me through.  So too each of you, thank you!

Aunt Deanna...I am at a bit off a loss.  I hope Miss L comes to talk to me the way that we talk!  I love you so much, and some days I think I may not have made it in VA if it weren't for you.  Who else could I share peanut butter stories with???  And I am pretty sure you are responsible for almost all of my minutes on my phone every month...

Aunt Debbie...You led me to Christ, and I am eternally grateful. Thank you for being such a fantastic example of the godly woman that God wants me to be.  You are a wonderful mother and wife, and I hope to be half the person you are.

Aunt Cyndy...I have so many memories of growing up with you! I would get so excited when a trip to KY was announced (even today, it still feels like home to be there).  I remember singing ridiculous songs on the way to the mall (which I will teach to Miss L soon!), Glamour Shots, and AWESOME clothes!  But more than that, I have watched you go through so much and have seen an amazing transformation.  The power of Christ has been evident in your life and I am thankful for your testimony.  I am proud of you!

Aunt favorite Facebook encourager!  Thank you for always lending encouraging words to me.  I appreciate that you took time to take care of us while my mom was sick.  I may not have appreciated it then, but I know that was a sacrifice, and I appreciate it more now that I am a wife and mom.  Thank you for your love for the Lord and your devotion to your family!

Aunt Kate...My photography friend!  Thanks for countless hours of talking to me about photoshop, poses, and for encouraging me to get out there.  It is nice to do something I love, and I may not have had the courage to do it if not for you.  Thanks for all of your newborn advice and for not laughing when I call with ridiculous questions about kids that I feel like I should already know haha. 

Aunt Ruby...thanks for sharing Cassie!  LOL...I appreciate you letting me vent and for always taking care of us.  And I really appreciate your chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It makes me feel pretty special to have it.  We are going to miss you and now Baby J will have to sleep in old t-shirts because his pajama supplier will be in OH!

Aunt Tiffany...I love you.  I know Bryan misses you so much (me too, of course).  I am going to miss all of our lawn gatherings at your house haha!  And I fully expect a visit so that we can find you the perfect Hawaiian shot glass!

Those were in no particular order by the way!

And with that, I am ending with some beautiful photos of my niece, Miss L.  I hope one day we will get to share this awesome bond, no matter how far apart.  I love her to pieces!  She has a firecracker personality and I can't wait to see how God uses her.  She is just the prettiest, little lady I know, and I miss her a ton.  Love you L Bug!

And of course, my favorite...

Did I mention how much I also love this tutu???  Check out Nana's Tutus here!  Just adorable!

Much Love,


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Kate said...

such an awesome post. I love you too!! You have been such a help to me, too!
Those images of 'L' are to adorable for words. I love her chubby feet and painted toe nails.
That tutu fits her personality perfectly.
Gorgeous post all the way around.