Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adam Barnes' Photography Workshop

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending Adam Barnes’ Workshop on the Art of Photographing Children. Adam Barnes is a well known photographer throughout Virginia and is known for his unique style. He has been featured in wedding magazines and has a true gift for capturing emotion. He works alongside a great staff, including his wife, Lauren, and also Kelli, Whitney, and Kristen. They all truly made this day enjoyable! Being able to be surrounded by others that appreciate God’s blessings and who bring that out in their work was what made my day. It was great to be able to practice and get hands on experience. I am hoping that we may still be close by in fall so that I can attend his next workshop!  Make sure you go check out his work here...

And, first, I want to say thank you to my amazing husband, Bryan, who after working full time all week and attending seminary full time (while maintaining a 4.0…I love bragging on him!), supports me to go out and do stuff like this while he stays home to watch “J”. He is such a blessing and I am beyond thankful for all that he does for “J” and me!

Secondly, thanks so much to everyone at Adam Barnes’ Fine Art Photography for a great workshop! I really appreciated that you took the time to personally interact with everyone and to make sure that all questions were answered.

Lastly, thank you to God and these parents that made these BEAUTIFUL children! WOW!

Much Love, Jessica

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